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Teacher Manzò's sculptures are realized rigorously following an ancient Neapolitan tradition. In an epoch of reproductions done in series and industrial, of falsifications of this art and so many others, deriving even from distant earths geographically and culturally, the teacher Manzò he is made custodian and defender of ancient gestures that have been being handed down for centuries and that I am patrimony of a people and his source of cultural wealth and economic. Its works are born in simple and ancient way as the man: moulding to hand the clay with the alone aid of wood sticks, at times sorts with simple toothpicks or drawn by wood pieces that him same it carves according to its necessities. His sculptures that in the Neapolitan tradition they are improperly defined "shepherds" they are realized weaving two threads of cooked iron on which is commonly wound some vegetable hemp call straw and that it serves to give body to the piece and to allow its fixing of the head, of the hands and of the feet. Completed this very delicate operation because, besides the risk that can break some element, it is not had to mistake the calculation of the proportions, he passes to the "dressing" that is performed directly sewn on the piece. Every dressing is a search its own. Searches performed at times for months among various public and private libraries to look for images, iconographic and descriptions of the suits but also for contextualize historically every sculpture and to seek the historical ambient in which to put it.
The "heads", the hands and the feet are modeled to hand in clay. At times the hands and the feet are made out of carved wood.
The eyes are of painted glass to hand Once crushes, to the heads the eyes of glass are inserted and then him it passes to the painting and the patinatura.
The animals, oxen, horses, donkeys, pigs, hens etc. they are entirely in clay worked to hand.
The accessories are of various materials always following the Neapolitan tradition of the '700: wax, terracotta, wood, metal, glass etc.
The scenes, always fruit of historical search they are realized in wood dressed again of modeled cork and painting.
Teacher Manzò's works are conceived and created by him. Of some of these him same it produces the you tread, declaring in the certificate that accompanies every work the number of reproduction of the same one (what it never overcomes the six unities). However the six reproduced works will be always of the unique pieces because once extracted from I stamp him/it they will suffer different variations of posture and expression the one from the other. All of its manufactured articles are initialed, to ingusso, in the clay.

le sculture di Manzò

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