realize sculptures in plasticine polichrome for posters on : Meetings of the cinema of Sorrento (edition English and French); National Meetings of the Kitchen
sculpture trophy in bronze representing Positano for The first edition of the "Positano Top Parade"
(President Franco Zeffirelli)
"the art is The Road" itinerant exibitions of sculpture
(Rome, Florence, Jesol)
"the self & The Mask" masks for the theater
(from Plauto to Molière)
"The Theater Of the Puppets"- it Realizes puppets theater and masks of the comedy of the Southern and Northern art
Rome (Salt of the Bramante-S.M plaza. of the People) it Prepares a Neapolitan manger of eighteenth-century kind of 5 meters on the occasion of the show "100 Mangers from the World"
Rome (Museum of the Victorian one-"The 700 years of the Principality of Monk" - Show itinerant) it Realizes a scene of mt2 x 2 that reproduce a detail of the 1302 Zierik-zee Battle sustained by Ranieri I (40 warriors from 30 centimetres of height and 18 horses with sets and dress in perfect reproduction of epoch)
Paris (Hotel DASSÒ -Great Parisian Shows Champs Elysèes) Second covers some Itinerant exibitions "The 700 years of the Principality of Monk"-The Prince of Monaco Ranieri, The Prince Alberto and the Princess Carolina in Hanover they discuss and they personally compliment him, as the maximum French Political Personalities, with the sculptor Manzò
MONTECARLOs third and it completes it covers some itinerant exibitions
Naples-Royal Building the sculptor Manzò gives to the prince Alberto of Monaco a scene representing the "Taken of the Tower" symbol of the beginning of the monarchic dynasty of the Grimaldi
Naples-theatrical Structure Mezzoteatro realizes a puppets theater with 12 puppets of the comedy of the art partenopea It shows on "Pulcinella: Mask and soul of a people-from the '600 to A. Petito." It shows on "Oniric & Creativeness in the sculpture": it realizes a great chessboard in glass with chess in clay polichrome representing Gnomes, Elves, Fairies and Witches.
perform for the theater and particularly for the structure "Mezzoteatro" scenographies and theatrical masks for "The Menecmis" of Plauto; "The In bloom Clover" of Raphael Alberti; "Filumena Marturano" of E. De Filippo
Manzò abandons the works from 30 centimeters and passes to those from forty. You devotes to the development of a project that for a long time it matured: The project will call "The Sculptures of Manzò" and they will be works exclusively realized for a public of collectors. Unique works entirely realized to hand, with certified of origin, description of the historical tradition and the search iconographic among the launchings great artists of the '700 and of the 800
are devoted him three television services on Rai 1 Rai 2 and Rai 3.
the project "Her Sculptures of Manzò" he extends and he also understands the "Masks of the Comedy of the art" Italian from the Pulcinella to Clown from Pant Balanzone and so street. To these "Masks" they add even more others fascinating and ancient: the masks of the "Dance of Sfessania"
participate, with a room devoted him, to a collective of Artists from region Campania unwound himself near the MAN (Museum Open Naples).
in November inaugurate the his first "Personal" de "Her Sculptures of Manzò" with 40 scenes near the MAN (Museum Open Naples) that it makes him the whole space from November 15 th 2005 available to April 30 th 2006. The one man show, after these dates, it will be itinerant and it will touch Italian and European city.
realize a trophy that the Presidency of the Region Campania it will give to exponents of the international politics
realize a trophy that the Presidency of the Region Campania will give to the holders of the most greater restaurants in Europe on the occasion of the 3° International Conference of the Chefses that will be held to Vico Equense (Sorrento)
have in preparation other scenes inspired to the great literature of the world (Don Chisciotte; King Lear; The duel of Ettore and Achille, etc. ), various scenes of battles from the '500 to the '800 and reconstructions of historical events of the same epoches.

le sculture di Manzò

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