Says of him

Nicola Manzò, is a Neapolitan "veracious", of those that can be defined so. In his beloved Naples he lives and he realizes his original creations. Child of one of the popular districts of this millennial and magic city, has started already from there, still child to absorb the humors, the magic, the art and the traditions that make of this place a world apart, an universe of contradictions and strong and intense emotions . And all these his internal emotions, he succeeds to transmit to his works. There is no piece from him realized that not harbors inside a bit of his soul, of his heat, of his Neapolitan soul. Sculptor, scenographer, poet, writer of theater, street artist. It is in short an artist to everything round with a great desire to experiment him and to continually compare him with himself and with all of this that surrounds him. And us we wish that he keep on producing more and more beautiful, fascinating and pregnant works of his unmistakable personal imprint.
(Annibale Maria Visconti - Milan, September 1999)

Manzò is a poet of the sculpture. Its works transmit bawls and emotions and "they speak" Neapolitan!
(Federico Adinolfi-Poet and writer-Rome, July 2000)

From the tome of the "presences" to the show:

".. an enchanting trip in the traditions and in the soul of our people"
(Francesco Lunezi - November 2005)

".. to my darling and true friend that always succeeds in catching me in the transformation of his artistic abilities!"
(Luciano Schifone)

"..but there is here Donatello, Manzò and so many others.. but there is above all art! An atheist as me is pervaded by the religiousness of the whole by the ironic playfulness and scratching that he brings me to Pasolini.. you are a Poet."
(Bruno Umberto Martignetti - 11/11/05 Naples)

".. Observing Teacher Manzò's works, he enters a parallel world, where the spirit of the visitor is conducted at the edge of the soul, where it has limit the endless one and it begins the Mystery of God!"
(Carlo Narciso di Granville - Naples 11/11/05)

".. Intense compliments to the artist, that the reminiscence of the memory vivifies for making to reflect on how much it belongs to us."
(Flora Caso - Naples, 11/11/05)

".. That surprise to have known a Great Artist personally!"
(Luigia Cortese - Naples, 11/11/05)

".. Naples can be fierce to have given the native to a Child as him!"
(Vincenzo Sepe - Naples, 11/11/05)

".. A wish to me more than to the artist.. that I can purchase the most beautiful of his works!"
(Salvatore Pedersoli - Naples, 11/11/05)

".. A dream to open eyes!"
(Liliana Martinelli - Naples, 27/11/2005)

".. Thank you for having insisted to make to come me to your show.. how much seeks, how much I work, how much passion! Compliments. To Maiora"
(Alessandra Lonardo Mastella - Naples, 14/02/06)

".. Good, very, very good!"
(Rossella Grasso - Naples, 14/02/06)

".. the school Foundries and his pupils thank the artist for what he has made to live their!.. Thanks"
(Naples, 20/02/06)

".. have seen something fabulous! Thanks"
(The pupils of the 18° school circle in Naples

le sculture di Manzò

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